you dont need luck when you dont give a fuck murderdolls

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You Get All the Luck When You Dont Give a Fuck - YouTube

Dummy_Users public profile. Number of tabs submitted: 0 Number of posts on the forum: we dont need another hero the coral - pass it on Los Campesinos - You! Me! Dancing! you give love a bad name hoobastank - the reason We are the in crowd - On your own

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you say, you say you want chaos baby well Im your motherfucker I sing a song for the dead a ticking time bomb ready to blow Im giving bloody noses and my middle finger to the status quo put your faith in a bullet in the head of someone you know you dont need luck when you dont give a fuck Alright You say, you say you want destruction baby

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dont like me? tough. im always judged by the way i look and dress some even judge me on hear so for all those who hate me fuck you all.i dont want your hate mail or hate comments. i probably wont even care about half of you or waste my breath and precious time commenting you back if your a hater right just though id get that in first seeing as

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you dont need luck when you dont give a fuck murderdolls
Fast forward a few years when I revisited their discography, I realized that Malkmus is sort of a bad ass. He doesnt give a fuck and hell sing about it in the most eloquent way. That and the guitar work is actually pretty interesting from a musicians perspective, lots of weirdo open tunings you dont

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broaden your scope; talk to the loneliest looking guy at the back of the show. seriously, just walk up, say hi and start a conversation. the last thing you want to say is, “Can I give you my number? if you wanna talk hangout, hmu.” but this is coming from a black metal head who probably has the worst luck when it comes to aesthetic dating.

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ANNA CLENDENING LYRICS - To My Parents Lyrics to "To My Parents" song by ANNA CLENDENING: Im sorry mom and dad I know Ive messed up bad, I shouldve, shouldve done, shouldve done better .

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daisy: “what the hell, y/n!!! you better not me straight for anyone else but me!!” falco: “heh, i have no problem with straight people, i just dont want them to shove their straightness down my throat”

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Boss - I Don`t Give a Fuck Lyrics. Not a single fuck, not a single solitary fuck â€~Coz I dont give a fuck, motherfucker I dont give a fuck, not a single fuck Not a singl

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